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About Us

Athletic man stretching his musclesStaying in motion can help you to live a healthier, active life. Our practice’s name reflects our desire to help patients enjoy pain-free movement and greater function. Dr. Daniel Danieley takes the time to listen to his patient’s needs so he can custom-create a care plan to help them achieve their goals.

Improving Brain-body Communication

The spine houses and protects all the telephone lines (nerves) of your body. The nerves allow for the brain and body to talk openly to one another. If the container (spine) that houses all those phone lines (nerves) is twisted or has an issue, it causes interference which hinders the communication between the brain and the body. This is often felt and reported as pain or dysfunction.  Dr. Dan takes the tension off of that container and realigns it so the brain and body can communicate at an optimal level.

Offering a Range of Services

Whether you’re in acute pain and seeking relief or just want to maintain optimal wellness, we look forward to caring for you. With a broad array of techniques and therapies that he can use, Dr. Dan can help you to feel great with chiropractic care! He is certified in Active Release Technique® and Graston to address musculoskeletal issues. Another way that he sets himself apart from other local practitioners is that he has the training to adjust movable joints such as ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders, fingers and toes.

Laser therapy is also offered for pain relief and healing. Your care will always be customized, never cookie-cutter.

Maintaining Your Progress

Dr. Dan encourages patients to come in once a month or every six weeks to maintain the progress that they’ve made, once they’re out of pain. If you’ve spent the time and money to get yourself back on track, it is equally as important to maintain your health so you don’t hit crisis mode again. By taking a preventative approach through maintenance care, you can enjoy a more consistent pain free life and better overall health.

You May Experience a Miracle!

It’s exciting for us to witness so many miracle stories at the practice. These include patients who have put up with pain for years. One patient had constant neck and shoulder pain for two years. When she left our office after her treatment, she reported zero pain and had regained her range of motion. Whether your condition is chronic or new, we have seen amazing results for folks who didn’t think they would ever see them.

If you’ve been elsewhere searching for solutions to get out of pain and improve your health, we invite you to book an appointment today at our chiropractic care center in Weddington!



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