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Interferential Electro-Muscle Stimulation (IFC/EMS)

Interferential Current/Electro-Muscle Stimulation

Interferential Current/Electro-Muscle Stimulation (IFC/EMS) is a therapeutic treatment to aid in pain relief and promote soft tissue healing.

Tiny amounts of electrical impulses are induced into the tissue adjacent to the injury. Where these waves intersect below the surface of the skin, low frequency stimulation is created, prompting the body to secrete endorphins (pain relieving hormones).

Most patients find the treatment extremely beneficial and describe it as a "tingling" sensation. It is most often used for pain relief and to aid in reducing soft tissue swelling. Sprains, strains and spasms often respond to this treatment, which also reduces atrophy and increases blood circulation. Ice or heat is often accompanied with this treatment.

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